• Add a SmartLayer

    Fully integrates with your current website. Optimize your website for smartphones without any redesign - or building a separate website! Visible only to mobile traffic.

    Extend your site's functionality into the booming mobile market!

Tap Call

Your business is just a tap away. Instant dial means more phone inquiries, and more conversions.


Let customers know your hours of operation. This is one of the most common queries for mobile users. Includes microdata markup.

Tap Email

Let smartphone users easily email you. Another way to reach out to on the go customers, and encourage more inquiries.

Address and Mobile Map

Bring smartphone business to your door with easy access address information and mobile formatted interactive maps. + GPS.* Microdata markup.

Contact Form

One tool with a thousand uses. From gathering feedback to setting appointments, it's never been so easy to get information.

General Information

The browsing realities of smartphone users demand instant access to essential information about your business.

Mobile Menu/Quicklinks

Mobile formatted sitemap or menu. Give smartphone visitors a clear and easy access to pages within your website.


YouTube and Other Videos

Mobile formatted video. Smartphone visitors will now be able to properly view your video productions - formatted and optimized for mobile devices. Includes microdata markup.

And more ...

Social Media

Use mobile Twitter in Facebook feeds to engage and interact with mobile visitors by providing live updates, including news, specials, tips and more.

SmartLayer, Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization couldn't be easier - or more effective! The SmartLayer is a new, highly affordable mobile user interface that actually integrates with your current website. Loaded with options and functionality it instantly engages smartphone users and provides them with what they need to become mobile customers. The system is unobtrusive and visible only to those accessing your website with mobile devices.

Even more, relevant functions such as Address, Hours and Video include microdata markup to enhance your website's overall visibility on the search engines, especially Google.

And did we say there is no ongoing or monthly fee!

Lots of Available Functions - Bundle Your Own!

    Tap Dial Phone

    Tap Email

    Hours and Real Time

    Address and Mobile Map

    General Information

    YouTube and Other Videos

    Social Media


    Feedback/Appointment Form*

    Additional Pages**

**Additional Content-Information Pages - $20 each

Turn Smartphone Visitors Into Customers!

The mobile market is growing at an unprecedented rate. With mobile access of the Internet already exceeding that of the desktop, engaging and enhancing the experience of mobile visitors offers critical competitive and growth opportunities for business. It doesn't matter if you're a Fortune 500 company or a local plumber or dentist, the time has come for mobile.

Still, while most businesses recognize the need to do something, the majority have yet to react. For good reason. Current website assets have been developed carefully to convey necessary information and identity, often at significant cost. Existing websites have also established trust and valuable presence in search engines. As such, redesigning for mobile can be both a costly and risky venture.

Mobotic SmartLayer solves these problems by offering websites a range of critical functional resources specifically focused on enabling mobile customers to easily access needed information and engage with businesses while on the go.

Its purpose is not to replace or divert away from your current website, but to extend its functionality into the booming mobile market.

  • "Smartphone penetration has risen 44% of the US population and these smartphone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices. 66% access the Internet every day ..."


  • "61% of users who experience frustration with a site that is not optimized for mobile are unlikely to return"


  • "92% of smartphone users seek local information, with 89% having taken action after looking up local content"